A merger combines two (usually unequal size) businesses to form a larger and financially stronger business entity. It occurs if there are sound strategic and financial reasons for the combination. A merger will generally create an entity with greater scale than either of the merged companies and may result in producing economies of scale and scope for the new entity.

You may have identified a suitable business in your industry which would make a strategic and financial fit to achieve your goal. We can help you achieve that goal.


The issues you need to consider include –

    • Future ownership and management
    • The cultures of the two businesses
    • The respective enterprise and asset values
    • Management systems compatibility
    • Financial, structural and logistical issues
    • If economies of scale will be achieved


To be successful a merger needs careful profiling and planning for a strategic, financial and cultural fit of the businesses.


We have the experience to:

      • Advise on the strategy for the merger
      • Identify, profile and approach suitable targets
      • Facilitate target meetings
      • Advise on the culture fit of the target
      • Negotiate the deal
      • Assist with development of the business plan
      • Set the agenda and timetable
      • Value the businesses and facilitate due diligence
      • Coordinate the process implementation and integration


A merger would be expected to take four to six months to complete.


Engagement fees will depend on the circumstances of each case and will be discussed once the details of the merger are known.